Chocolate Covered Strawberries Recipe

chocolate covered strawberries recipe

Newsflash – just under 2 weeks until Valentine’s Day! Whether you “celebrate” or not, it’s the perfect excuse to eat an abundant amount of chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries in particular. I actually have to admit that I enjoy Valentine’s Day. I am lucky enough to have a fabulous boyfriend and it’s also my doggie’s birthday (Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!). So it’s love all around. One of the best part’s of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate I get to consume. So this year, instead of spending a ridiculous amount of money on chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva, I decided to make them myself. And the best part was that it was super easy. I even made them without a double-boiler. I found the chocolate melted best with glass bowls set on top of your pots. Just put a couple inches of water into a pot, set to medium/high, wait for the water to start to simmer, pour some chocolate chips into the bowl sitting on top of the pot and start mixing!

Eggs Benedict Recipe with Waffles

eggs benedict waffles recipe

Let’s start by saying that I am a sucker for Eggs Benedict. I don’t really care what the middle layer is personally. Ham, bacon, lobster, spinach… our favorite diner down the street even makes a mean “Irish Eggs Benedict”, which has Corned Beef Hash in the middle of the masterpiece. For this version, I decided to change up the bottom-most layer instead of the middle layer and use waffles instead! I got this brilliant idea from a tweet by The Food Network listing out a bunch of recipes using waffles as a main ingredient. They had some great ideas including waffle grilled cheese, waffle pizza and more.

Apple Nut Raisin Lattice Pie

apple walnut raisin lattice pie


‘Tis the season, my friends! I had the privilege of spending a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my family back home in Connecticut this year. Since we have been living in God-forsaken Florida, I have been dying to go back home for Thanksgiving. But, every year when the glorious holiday rolls around, I’ve procrastinated so much on buying tickets that I price myself out of an enjoyable, food-filled holiday with my family. This year, we had a grand plan of taking a full week off of work and driving. “Hey – we will make it fun! We’ll make stops on the way!” Luckily, we did not have to find out how that would have turned out. Boo Boo was able to find super cheap tickets through Spirit (not as bad as it may seem if you plan ahead) and we spent a whole week back home in Connecticut.

Caprese Salad Sticks – Appetizer Time!



Let me just say, I was so proud of these adorably amazing little caprese salad sticks. So proud in fact that I immediately snapped a square shaped image and posted it to instagram. I mean, how can you not!? And you know what, I was so pumped about my little bite sized salad sticks that I totally forgot to take some… eh hem, more professional pictures. So this will officially count as my first instagram picture blog post. PS – I don’t hate it!

Authentic French Quiche Lorraine Recipe

quiche lorraine recipe slice


This quiche lorraine recipe brings back such amazing memories of my semester in Paris. Every morning when I walked down to class, I would stop at a little Pâtisserie on the street corner and pick up a mini quiche lorraine for breakfast. I will openly admit that I will never be able to compete with a real quiche lorraine from Paris. But hey, if you can’t get there anytime in the next few days, why not make a pretty damn good replica right from home?