The Breakers Palm Beach Bungalow Day

The Breakers Palm Beach

I was lucky enough to spend the day on Friday at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida. If you don’t already know, The Breakers is a beautiful resort in Palm Beach, FL. My best friend from 2nd grade was here to visit from Connecticut (woop!) and we  got a beach bungalow for a full day of relaxation and girl time. We had an amazing time and had lots of great drinks and delicious food!

For anyone visiting to Palm Beach, or planning to visit Florida, I would definitely recommend The Breakers. Especially if you are traveling with family in tow. The resort is super family friendly with tons of activities for kids.

Shake Shack – The Best Burgers in Town

shake shack shake burger menu itemsAs the holiday’s loom closer on the horizon and we try to strategize as to how we will make it to Friday without throwing the computer out the window, you begin to notice the little things. Today, for me and my co-worker/deskbunny (long story) Bridget, that little thing was an awesome and inexpensive lunch at a burger joint called Shake Shack. Shake Shack has location in 5 states (NY, CT, FL, DC, & PA) and apparently also has some location in the Middle East. Random? Anyways, if you find a location close by, I highly recommend stopping for a burger.

Otentic – French Restaurant – Miami Beach, FL

Otentic | French Restaurant Miami Beach, FL | Honey Bee's Recipes

Otentic Fresh Food Restaurant in Miami Beach, FL  reminds me of my days in Paris… sitting with friends in little bistros sipping on good wine and  enjoying each others company, all while eating the most amazing food ever. To me, Otentic is perfection: Paris in Miami. One of Otentic’s defining characteristics is its’ affordable prices. While you may be tempted to order too many things off the menu which will drive up your bill, the individual prices for each dish are extremely affordable for good quality food on Miami Beach.

Turtle Café – Breakfast & Lunch – Westbrook, CT

Turtle Cafe Westbrook CT Lobster CrêpeOh, how to explain the Turtle Café… well let me start by saying the food is simply spectacular. Chef Ricky Sharma creates quality dishes ranging from the all-american breakfast to decadent lobster crêpes (photographed above) which were packed full of lobster meat, goat cheese, spinach then topped with a cream sauce. What you really need to know is that while the restaurant’s location may be unassuming, it is worth a try if you are in the shoreline area of Connecticut. You can thank me later.