Chocolate Brandy Martini

martiniThis drink is my own personal concoction that has been perfected over the last 2 years. It tastes a lot like a White Russian. I was thinking of calling it a Chocolate Russian but apparently White Russians are made with vodka. Who knew? Anyways, this is the perfect drink for a chill night in… maybe even a desert cocktail. It can even be for a more formal occasion. The chocolate decoration on the martini glass gives it an elegant look. So relax, shake up this drink and unwind after a long week of either hurricanes or Halloween festivities.


  • 3 oz of coffee flavored brandy (2 shots)
  • 1.5 oz of chocolate liqueur (1 shot)
  • 3 oz of milk (2 shots)
  • Chocolate syrup, refrigerated
  • Dash of cinnamon


1) Combine the brandy, liqueur and milk in a cocktail shaker that is 1/3 filled with crushed ice. Shake constantly for 1 minute. Set aside

2) Take the refrigerated chocolate syrup and decorate the inside of the martini glass as you please.

3) Pour the drink mixture into your decorated martini glass.

4) Top with a dash of cinnamon and drink up!


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